For this electronic edition of the Brahma Net Sutra, we respectfully acknowledge the guidance of  Master Lok-to, Rev. K. Watanabe, Master Thich Phuoc Bon, Rev. Zi Rong (Singapore) and Rev. Fa Yeong (Taiwan). During more than twenty hours of long distance telephone calls or face-to-face meetings, they patiently answered the editors' questions and elucidated difficult passages and concepts in the text. Special thanks is also due to Rev. Shing Ching (Bronx,NY) who graciously donated an annotated Chinese text of the sutra at a crucial time in our work. Acknowledgement is likewise due to Upasaka Phuong Duy, who cloistered himself with the editor for a week in South Cairo and Rye Brook, NY to review the text, and Upasaka Bert Wangal, who provided pertinent comments. We also acknowledge a special debt to Upasika Yi-Hsun Huang (University of Virginia), who graciously devoted a number of days to a meticulous reading of the text, as well as to the late Upasaka Tac-Tsi Shih for his skillful early draft translation of this most difficult Sutra, a copy of which was kindly provided by Master Lok-to.

Finally, we wish to thank the following friends and benefactors who have made this translation possible. Listed in the order of their temporal association with this project are: Upasika Nguyen Thi Hoang (Dieu Phung), whose estate donated the original copies of six sutras and commentaries used in this translation; the late Lily and Murray D. Vajra; Upasika Ping Wang; Dr. Michael Moriarty; Upasikas Lena Yang and Lily Wang; Prof. Forrest G. Smith; Upasakas Steven Lane, Ian Isanberg and Paul D. Friedman. (Jan. 2000)