Copyright and Publishing History

This book is a translation from the Vietnamese of the treatise Niem Phat Thap Yeu. In the United States and Canada, the work is also published under the title Horizontal Escape. Copyright 1994 by Le T. Lap. Reprints will be authorized upon request.

  • 5th edition: Vesak, 1994
  • 4th edition: Tet, 1994
  • 3rd edition: 1993
  • 2nd edition: Vesak 1991
  • 1st edition: Tet, 1991

First published in the United States of America by the International Buddhist Monastic Institute

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The supreme and endless blessings of Samantabhadra's deeds, 
I now Universally transfer. 
May every living being, drowning and adrift, 
Soon return to the Land of Limitless Light.

The Vows of Samantabhadra